Ali & Tugba

Another engagement, 22/10/2016

About me

Hi there! My name is Cihad Ozen and I graduated with a Bachelor Degree from VU University in Amsterdam. Specifically, I hold a B.Sc in Information, Multimedia & Management.

Now I am working at a ticketing desk at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and take jobs as a Freelancer besides, on Web Development & Design / Information Analyst.

In addition to my work, I like to keep working as a hobby on photography and filming. For an extended overview of my jobs accomplished in different designs and fields, you can take a look at

Triptime Promotional Video Banner

Today I finished the promotional video for the company Triptime. This video will be looped at the Schiphol TV. 31/03/2016


Thesis Annex

Follow-up portion of the appendix section within the
document. 26/06/2016


The engagement of Ali & Tugba 22/10/2016

Yesterday my friend was engaged and here is the archive of the pictures I have made. I wish them a very healthy and happy lovely life. 23/10/2016



Feel free to contact me for any questions or if you want to hire me for a job!